Product Features :

  • Unattended: Auto start and charge, no need for manual operation.
  • High Efficiency MPPT: Multiple power point trackers (MPPT) allow the output power of the solar panel to be at its maximum state, improving energy conversion by 20% to 30%.
  • High reliability: Adopts advanced “MPPT + SOC” microprocessor to achieve optimized and intelligent dual charge control to ensure product stability and reliability.
  • Intelligent charging management: Adopts the combined constant current and constant voltage charging mode to ensure charging and long battery life.
  • Battery Protections: Automatically tests the working condition of the battery. The system will automatically shut down in the event of over-discharge to avoid consuming battery power.
  • High efficiency: adopts low power consumption MOSFET and PWM soft switch and synchronous rectifier technology, effectively improving the working efficiency of the system.
  • Intelligent: automatic start by light recognition (optional). The system can set up automatic charging start in case of insufficient sunshine, such as fog, rain, night, etc.
  • Protections: overload / overload, short circuit, overload, reverse connection, TVS lightning protection, etc.

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