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FREEWATER 280 W polycrystalline solar panels

FREEWATER polycrystalline silicon solar panels represent an excellent synthesis of versatility and efficiency. Lightweight and strong, these panels are suitable for commercial and residential installations, as well as for large installations. Through the use of high-quality photovoltaic cells, our polysilicon panels achieve above-average energy efficiency, and ensure continuous and reliable results even under poor environmental conditions. The frame, very light but at the same time extremely strong, facilitates installation and contributes to the strength of the panel.



HIBAPOWER offers three-phase SG 300/320 frequency converters of the FREEWATER brand. All powers are available: from 1.5 to 110 KW.

We offer different solutions to exploit your water sources through solar pumping. As much for your water needs for agriculture as for drinking water and for your swimming pool.

Thanks to the technologies of the FREEWATER SG300 / 320 solar converters, HIBAPOWER supports you to make the best use of your water needs for agriculture or for drinking water.

Solar Pumping Application

Agriculture: lifting and irrigation.

Water supply: village hydraulics, domestic drinking water.

Functions of FREEWATER frequency converters

  • Built-in MPPT for optimum performance with fast response speed and stable operation.
  • Used to control single-phase or three-phase AC pumps, also compatible with synchronous or asynchronous pumps (PMSM).
  • Dry running protection (under load), automatic adjustment to lowest speed, maximum pump current protection, minimum power protection …
  • The performance curve (power / flow) is used to calculate the flow leaving the pump.
  • Dual mode AC and DC power is available.
  • Digital signal from the water level sensor and analog signal from the water level sensor for filling the water tank.
  • Dedicated hardware design with dual CPU, independent air duct design.
  • Import IGBT modules such as; Infineon, Fuji, TYCO to ensure good quality.
  • Improved lightning protection module.
  • GPRS remote control module for monitoring, controlling, changing parameters and logging distance data.
  • The efficiency is more than 99.5%, the power of the factory should not be less than 0.96 for inverters less than 15 kW.
  • IP20 protection.