Who are we?

For more than 25 years, our group has been offering innovative, reliable and economical energy solutions. HIBAPOWER, a subsidiary of Holding HIBAGRICOLE, importer, distributor of a full range of power generating equipment and creator of tailor-made solutions for all sectors (Industrial, Administrative, Agricultural, Construction, etc.).

We are surely advancing towards our objectives and our achievements bear witness year after year to the great success of our products in the domestic market. Success ensured by the reliability and excellent performance of our products, which meet the most demanding international standards. HIBAPOWER is the guarantee of a quality of implementation to match its experiences.

Our vision

Make electric energy accessible to all and at a lower cost for sustainable economic and social development in Morocco.

Our Mission

Offer innovative, reliable and economical energy solutions that allow our customers to better use energy and develop a better environment.

Our Values


It is for us one of the most important values. It is reflected in our desire to provide the best possible service, to constantly seek the best energy solutions, to master every detail, to be demanding of ourselves. We always strive for the best, the commitment of our engineering and technical teams is total, excellence is our trademark.


In our company, transparency is a motto for both our customers and our employees. This value allows us to create a work climate conducive to commitment, cooperation and collaboration, but above all to strengthen the conditions of trust.


this concept allows us to stand out in the national energy market by offering innovative solutions tailored to the needs of demanding customers. We are determined to surpass ourselves to find the right solution each time and be innovative to achieve effective results.

Customer centric

The customer relationship is at the heart of our business. Our goal is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers through our services. We are able to take into account the specificity of each client and meet their specific needs.

Our philosophy

Meeting an ever-growing global energy need requires wasting as little as possible by improving energy efficiency and relying increasingly on cleaner and more renewable energy sources. This change will require technological changes acceptable to economic and social actors.


We wish to contribute to this challenge by offering a global approach to alternative energy systems by relying on efficient but proven technologies with three main objectives:


  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Connect isolated sites by offering them adequate and specific solutions.
  • Products and services meeting the technical and economic requirements of a professional operation.


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