Our Gensets

Groupe Electrogène HPOWER


HIBAPOWER has a wide range of Diesel generator sets with powers up to 2500KVA, all types of soundproofing, control, power transmission and synchronization systems.

Standard features of the open type generator set

  • Heavy duty engine, 4 stroke, 1500 rpm, water / air cooling.
  • Replaceable air filter.
  • 50 ° C heat-resistant radiator.
  • Wet jacket of replaceable cylinders.
  • Oil pipes and flexible drain valve.
  • Water heating jacket.
  • 4 poles, self-excited, brushless, Synchronous type alternator, conforms to VDE 0530 and 1EC34-1 standards.
  • Batteries and cables.
  • Welded steel frame coated with electrostatic paint.
  • Fuel tank housed in the chassis.
  • Industrial type silencer.
  • Electronic battery charger.
  • Electrical wiring diagrams.
  • User manual and instructions.
  • Protection for manual operation.

Optional Equipment

  • Soundproof canopy.
  • Automatic transfer switch.
  • Circuit breaker.
  • Trailer.
  • External fuel tank.
  • Heating system for fuel tank.
  • Oil heater.
  • Fuel filling system (Automatic / Manual) analogue display.
  • 1 phase -3 phase connectors.
  • Fuel level alarm system.
  • Voltage options for 415 / 240V – 400 / 230V – 380 / 220V -220 / 127V -200 / 115V.

Emergency back-up power (Stand-by):  emergency electrical power supply at variable load, in the event of a normal power supply failure. This rating is maximum power, no overload capability is available.

Main power (Premium): supply of electric power at variable load for an unlimited number of hours in the event of normal power supply failure. According to ISO 3046, an overload capacity of 10% is available at 12 hours of the shift.