Solar Energy


HIBAPOWER operates in the field of renewable energies whose core business is the installation of photovoltaic solar solutions with a sustainable energy vision for domestic, industrial or agricultural use, while providing our customers with a range of energy solutions renewables for lifelong profits and savings.

To do this, we offer a range of solutions in the two solar activities: Electrification and Solar Pumping.

Solar Energy



électrification-panneaux solaire

A more economical and cleaner way

HIBAPOWER specializes in the design and construction of turnkey photovoltaic systems. We offer solutions adapted to each application:

  • On-Grid System
  • Off-Grid System
  • Hybrid System

On-Grid System

Solar panels are installed on your roof and connected to your counter and to the grid.
You produce electricity as soon as your consumption exceeds photovoltaic production, the grid provides the necessary surplus.

Off-Grid System

The solar panels are not connected to the grid. The electrical system operates autonomously on battery or directly supplies the electrical devices connected to it. There is no connection here between the electrical distribution network and the panels.

Hybrid System

Hybrid photovoltaic systems integrate a photovoltaic generator and another generator: wind turbine, generator, hydroelectric system, etc. A battery system stores energy so that energy is not lost from random sources such as solar.

Why think solar with HIBAPOWER?


Protect the environment

Become independent

sustainable investment